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Your template comes complete with all of the pages and images you see here. We also give you information on the Read Me page. Read through each page within this template for more information.

Is this template hard to use?

This template package uses standard CSS definitions and classes, FrontPage navigation and/or Include files, FrontPage forms and other web components. Some basic FrontPage and HTML knowledge is recommended.

Can I change the template colors and images?

While you can modify some colors within the included CSS file, many of the components within this template use a graphic image to achieve gradient effects. We have designed this template so that you can easily replace our images with those of your own. The only restriction is the template's main image - you should resize your replacement image so that it is the same size of 250 x 250 pixels.

How do I receive my template?

Depending upon whether you purchase your template from our site or from a third party reseller, you will directed to a page which contains a downloadable zipped file. Note that you will need a software utility program such as WinZip to "open" this file. Unzip this file to a location on your hard drive. Inside will be a "Read Me" text file with complete instructions. Credit card orders are available for immediate download. PayPal orders are emailed during normal business hours.

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